We are different…

Every business’s transformation is unique and each is made with and for you alone. We don’t have any off-the-shelf programs

We help you transform your business by first helping you transform yourself. This is an inside-out journey; if someone ELSE is the problem, then we can’t help you.

Leadership is a collective practice, not an individual attribute; it is a whole-of-system undertaking. We’re more interested in the outcomes of the team than the competencies of the individual.

We design longitudinally, from 6-months to 2- or 3-year engagements. Transformation is a long game… Wishing it were quicker doesn’t make it so.

We help you be systemic in how you work with us… We help you understand how tangible and intangible, individual and team interact to produce your unique circumstances. We help you link individual competencies and mindsets with team culture and organisational processes and structure

Who we are:
Brent Sheridan
Brent designs bespoke programs to support step-change in individual and organisational effectiveness and productivity. His work mainly centres on the intangible drivers of business value...
Declan Brady
Declan is a master of two worlds, Agile coaching and business transformation as well as Gestalt psychotherapy and personal and professional development...
Hanoch Ben David
Hanoch is a highly accomplished Agile coach with commercial focus and
business acumen....