It’s become banal to say – the world is getting more complex very quickly

Rapid discontinuous change …

  • Consumers want customisation, speed and simplicity not mass-market products and bureaucratic processes
  • Global competitors from non-traditional segments are arriving through unexpected channels
  • Talent is mobile and demands high-quality work and culture; turnover means loss of organisational knowledge and produces business disruption and risk

… and a constantly changing set of requirements

  • More individualised agents (vs segments) in customers, suppliers and employees
  • Faster exchange of information and resources
  • Un-anticipatable interactions and influences; you cannot predict outcomes reliably
  • Requirements to maintain some legacy systems and develop new ones; you need to make safe-fail experiments

Creates volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity as inevitable characteristics of business

To thrive in this complexity, businesses understand they need to transform themselves...

But what does business transformation really mean?
Every transformation, individual or collective, is a “Hero’s Journey”. Based on Joseph Campbell’s THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES, the theme of the hero myth is the human story of transformation. It is universal, occuring in every culture, in every time; it is as infinitely varied yet its basic form remains the same, an incredibly tenacious set of elements that spring in endless repetition from the deepest reaches of the mind of man. This is because it reflects the basic pattern of human development, and therefore, organistaional transfomration.

This is because business transformation is a complex problem that requires both individuals and their aggregate, the organisation, to operate in new and more complex ways.

a call to action; this can be an accident, an emergency, an opportunity, it might arise from within, or be imposed from without; getting clear on your purpose, your “why”, the Source of your transformation work
Trials and victories
experiments in working differently, testing the complex environment you are in; collaborative sensemaking and decisions; working out what works for your business in your situation

taking your successful experiments more mainstream and throughout the business; implementation of a new set of expectations about what your business is and how it works; review and redesign of group-wide systems and processes to support the future and not only to continue the past

We offer...

Effectiveness audit

to reveal existing transformation strengths, readiness and challenges at enterprise or business unit levels

Collaborative and iterative co-design

of enterprise level transformation program with enterprise leaders, attending to critical issues of sponsorship, governance, resourcing, communication, engagement, power and political dynamics, internal and external stakeholder strategies

One-on-one coaching

for more effective leadership behaviours and skills, organisational practices for agility, and individual guidance to remove blocks to professional effectiveness, overcome immunities to change, address unhelpful belief systems

Experiential workshops

for intact leadership teams, bespoke designed for skilling and coaching on social processes, collaborative decision making, interpersonal communication and Agile methodologies

Consulting in your business

guidance and support for project and operational teams to surface and resolve interpersonal conflict, unhelpful power and political dynamics and to improve organisational and social processes

Business structure and system review and redesign

we help you identify, review and revise business and organisational processes, systems and structures so you can deliver your strategic outcomes